In May 2004, one of Melbourne’s largest triathlon and multi-sport training groups was created, TriBal Training. An active and passionate group of individuals dedicated to training and competing, living life to its fullest, and understanding the importance of balance in life, TriBal Training run by head coach Andy Sleeman. Andy has been coaching triathlon and multi-sport (running, cycling, swimming, tennis, football) for over twenty years. Andy is joined by several highly qualified coaches, specialists and sponsors across a broad spectrum of services (massage, physiotherapy, nutritional products and advice, training camps, and athletic equipment and clothing).

The core philosophy of TriBal Training is to provide services aimed at helping individuals to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, and to encourage a proactive, positive outlook on life with a focus on balance: balance among work, play, exercise, and recovery. Currently, TriBal Training has a highly diverse member base, from the novice to the expert, from the young to the mature. There are 170+ current active members, with a fairly even male to female ratio. Approximately 70% are within the 25-40 year age category, with the remaining falling evenly between junior and older athletes.