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2014 Tribal Falls Creek Training Camp Wrap Up…

Great to be back at QT Resort for the 9th year of Tribal Falls Creek Training Camp with an awesome group of committed triathletes and cyclists.
Day 1 was 120km of the Tribal Performance Cycle Coach Stewie McKenzie special workouts ascending at Tawonga Gap and Falls Creek.
With 5 first timers to The Mountains everyone made the 30km ascend to Falls Creek.
Day 2 Another big one 120-180km with Happy Valley, Mt Buffalo and Tawonga Gap. With a recovery swim at Mt Beauty Pool or in the picturesque and cold Kiewa river. A sneaky side track ascend to Mt Buffalo for some more mountain climbing – nice work Liz, Justin and Alex 160+km in the bank.
Check out some of the action today.
Day 3. Tough day at the office for the Tribal Crew today with some forecast wind and rain. We certainly got that as we were ascending Mt Hotham at approx the 20km mark the weather turned for the worst with gale force winds at 60+kph and rain that turned into hail. As the crew braved the crappy conditions with the gale force winds the rain started the safest option was to turn and descend back to Harrietville. Picking up some of the crew in pretty horrendous conditions the others continued encountering a big drop in the temperature, pouring rain, hail, icy slippery roads and tree branches all over the roads. A well earned break at Harrietville till the worst of the weather was over then a great ride back to Mt Beauty. At the bottom of Tawonga Gap we encountered a bushfire a few kms off the main road (lightening strike) that locals were attending. Never a dull moment.
Massive shout out to Alex, Justin, Brian, Michael, Cherie, Michelle, Gabe, Laura and Nerissa. Nothing soft comes out of TRIBAL.
Day 4 The last ride day for most. Options to ride 120km / 100km  / 90km / 60km with a variety of descends and ascends of Falls Creek and Tawonga Gap. Starting at Falls Creek to Bright and back via Tawonga Gap. At Bright we were joined by not so little Stevie Menzies and partner Jen Bonner. Stevie showed some great development from last year and posted a big PB up Falls Creek.
With the First Timers – Big Hitters Juzzy and Alex taking a 120km different route down the mountain they clocked up over 600km in the 4 days.
The other Big Hitter was Liz Hall showing her massive improvements over the years (5 time Tribal Falls Creek Camper) Liz gave Alex and Justin a run for their money up the mountains as well as down the mountains over the 4 days with her great power to weight ratio – awesome 4 days by Liz. With Gavin Wright always a consistent 100+km per day.
Other first timers Cherie Beckingham and Michael (Iron Mike) Dye showed their development is on track for Melbourne Ironman with an awesome 4 days of consistent riding taking it all in their stride. These two did not miss a beat with over 500km in the 4 days.
A Massive Shout Out to Michelle Nicholas another first timer to the Tribal Camp and has only been riding for a few months. Michelle is also training for Melbourne Ironman and clocked up a very inspiring 400+km. With some general leg soreness continued on with great courage and determination with a big smile and no complaints. Michelle showed plenty of physical and mental strength well above her cycling experience. Look out Melbourne Ironman…
All time Tribal Camp favourites Gabe Kopke and Brian Price showed there experience on the mountains with an awesome display of mountain climbing with Gabe clocking over 400km and Brian clocking over 500km in 4 days making particular strength gains focusing on his Gluteus Maximus.
Past Tribal members now living in Sydney and past Tribal Campers Jeremy Francis and Laura Buckley stepped up to the plate. Laura Buckley with her no fuss attitude and get on with the job had a ripper camp over the 4 days clocking up appox 500km. Jeremy with Melbourne Ironman looming also got the job done carrying a hamstring injury and over 400km.
It was no surprise on the morning of the 31st before our check out to see Liz Hall doing another Falls Creek descend and ascend with efforts. Keep an eye on Liz at the Cycling Road Nationals and Tour Down Under.
A huge thanks to dozen athletes who attended the camp, a big thanks to QT Resort for adding another 3 bedroom and no extra cost, also thanks Mt Beauty Service Station for the Tribal van clutch fix up.
Another hugely successful camp with plenty of physical and mental challenges conquered by all.
Cant wait for next year…

2014 Tribal Triathlon In Paradise – Train in Phuket


The Team from Project clothing and Tribal got a first hand look a few weeks ago at the incredible venue for the next Tribal Camp from August 31st to September 13th.
We can tell you the pictures and video on the Thanyapura website do not do it justice.
This is a magnificent venue for any athlete to make significant improvements at a training camp or as a live in athlete.
From the perfect accommodation to the unbelievable restaurant that caters for all your needs, the sporting facilities are second to none accommodating everything for the beginner to the hardest athlete, swimmer, cyclist, runner, tennis, rugby, soccer, track & field and triathlete its got the lot.
Catching up with the coaches the legend Chris “Macca” McCormack and young gun Ben Hammond over a few meetings and training sessions was a treat. Their experience, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm was exactly what we were looking for. A small chat with Macca can turn into many hours of listening to the never ending passion and insight into the sport of triathlon and the potential of the best training venue in the Asia-Pacific region.
We were taken over the cycle courses and running trails. For the cyclists the road surface is amazing. Well above anything you will get in Melbourne. The 500m synthetic running track and running trails are magic. The 50m and 25m pools were second to none and well above expectations. The gym and spin room are state of the art. The Wellness Center and Sports Psychology are ahead of the times. To cap it off the staff were magnificent and catered for all our needs.

phuket-training-campPhuket Training Camp

Last Weekend At The Races New Zealand IM, Devonport, Elwood, Warrnambool & Werribee


Awesome results again for The Tribal Performance Coaching Team. Tribal dominates at Warrnambool Sufferfest.
Last weekend The Tribal Crew raced from Taupo in New Zealand, Devonport in Tassie to Elwood, Warrnambool and Werribee in Victoria.
The two Krazy Kiwi’s did themselves their family and the coaches proud with an awesome first time Ironman race. They are absolutely stoked with the whole Ironman experience and are already looking to race Ironman again next year. A Huge congrats to these guys who had quite a few hurdles to jump along the way. James finishing in 11.05 and 28th in 25-29 AG and Alan in 11.39 and 38th in the 25-29 AG.
Plenty of Tribal action racing in various corporate teams at The Fitness First Corporate Triathlon at Elwood. A BIG SHOUT OUT to Tribal Sponor Johnny Meagher and the Team at 360 Property group. Word is out they placed 2nd female team in the Real Estate Category.
Massive Congrats to Dan Weekes placing 4th in his age group at the 2014 Olympic Distance National Championships in Devonport Tasmania.
Tribal dominated at Warrnambool Sufferfest and Olyfest with 7 podiums and top 10’s everywhere. The Sufferfest 2km / 80km / 20km and the Olyfest 1.5km / 40km / 10km. The weather conditions were great at Warrnambool – overcast with light winds early and cool to mild.  Once again outstanding results in the Sufferfest with Lachie Kerin 3rd Open Male, Jarrod Page 6th Open Male, Trevor Cotsworth 2nd Under 24, James Ridgewell 25th 25-34 AG, Sarah Galbraith 2nd 25-34 AG, Paul Walker 13th 35-44 AG, Mark Anderson 28th 35-44 AG, John Sullivan 8th 45-54 AG, Andrew lane 10th 45-54 AG, Ian Kerr 17th 45-54 AG, Iron Mike Dye 1st 55-64 AG. Also racing well Adam Dew and Jamie Galbraith but DNF.
Outstanding results in the Olyfest with Louis Raymond 1st Under 24 AG, Olivia Garlepp 1st Under 24 AG, Rachel Stonestreet 6th 35-44 AG, Ana White 7th 35-44 AG, Colin Davis 1st 45-54 AG and Anthony Glenning 4th 45-54 AG.

Also at the run races in Werribee at the Wyndham Rotary Fun Run there were some very slick times by Nic Marie, Andrew Calyvopoulos and Cris Alex. Personal best times and a Sub 35mins from Nic Marie in 34:31mins and 2nd overall, Personal Best time for Andrew Calyvopoulos 37:59 1st in the 40-54 AG and 5th Male overall,  another personal best time by Cris Alex 42:57 and 13th in the 19-39 AG

A MASSIVE CONGRATS to all the Tribal Crew who raced.


At The Races Challenge Melbourne & Geelong 70.3 / 5150


Race Wrap Up of the past two weeks at Challenge Melbourne and Geelong 70.3 / 5150.
Challenge Melbourne HOT & HUMID, Geelong 70.3 HOT & BLOWING A GALE.
At Challenge Melbourne – Big Congrats to the Tribal Crew who did themselves very proud to get through those tough conditions. Lots of great performances, personal best times and a few podiums. Pro’s Casey and Lachie were in the mix most of the day with Casey finishing in 5th and Lachie 13th.
Congrats Aislinn Prendergast 2nd and Liz Tosh 4th in the F 20-24. Joey-Lynn Musselman 3rd F 45-49 AG, Jarrod Page 4th M 30-34 AG with a blistering 4:22 in his first Half Ironman Distance.
Also Big Congrats to first timers David Nanfra, Aislinn Prendergast and Jarrod Page.  Once again Congrats to all those who raced.

Casey Munro 6th Pro Male               3:56    25:33    2:06   1:19
Lachie Kerin 13th Pro Male              4:17    27:19    2:12   1:32

Aislinn Prendergast 2nd 20-24 AG   5.05   34:00   2:44   1:39
Liz Tosh 4th 20-24 AG                        5:20   34:00   2:37   2:02

Chris Reed 40th 25-29 AG                5:00   30:00  2:28  1:54
Nathan Tieppo 53rd 25-29 AG         5:11   38:00   2:26   1:58
Matt Bugg 57th 25-29 AG                 5:14   36:39  2:32   1:59

Jarrod Page 4th 30-34  AG               4:22   32:50   2:16    1:32
Steve Dornik 19th 30-34 AG            4:36   36:25   2:22    1:31
Grant Austin 82nd 30-34 AG            5:20   40:48   2:36    1:57
James Galbraith 89th 30-34 AG       5:21   38:17   2:30    2:05
Sarah Williams 9th 30-34 AG           5:24   37:24   2:34    2:05

Robert Eppinger 13th 35-39 AG       4:27    35:49  2:16    1:29
Tim Guille 19th 35-39 AG                 4:32    29:20  2:18    1:37
Scott Purtill 61st 35-39 AG               4:58    35:00  2:27    1:49

Darren Halliday 16th 40-44 AG        4:33   37:20  2:19    1:30
Tony Schiavello 18th 40-44 AG        4:35   33:45  2:21    1:37
Ian Flego 23rd 40-44 AG                   4:38   34:38  2:14    1:42
David Nanfra 115th 40-44 AG          5:23   44:42  2:37    1:55
Andy Hopkins 141st 40-44 AG         5:36   48:54  2:44    1:52

John Sullivan 44th 45-59 AG             5:03   32:20  2:26    1:57
Alex Milhalovich 51st 45-49 AG        5:09   40:39  2:27    1:54
Adam Dew 96th 45-49 AG                5:57   34:20  2:36    2:38
Josey-Lynn Musselman 3rd 45-49 AG 5:11 37:24  2:35   1:53
Michelle O’Toole 7th 45-49 AG            5:25  38:10  2:34   2:04

Geoff McDonald 18th 50-54 AG         5:10   41:38  2:27    1:53

Michael Dye 14th 55-59 AG               5:23   33:08  2:35    2:06

Last weekend at Geelong 70.3 and 5150 .
With a start list of over 20+ people racing it was HOT & BLOWING GALE with temperatures starting in the morning at 28-30degrees and reaching 37degrees by 9.30am it was looking to be a battle. A HUGE CONGRATS to the Tribal Crew who raced with plenty of guts and determination. Casey Munro backing up from Challenge Melbourne race exceptionally well placing 6th. Lachie Kerin backing up from the heat of Challenge Melbourne was still a little cooked and was unable to continue after the ride. More great racing in the tough conditions from first time 70.3 Ashleigh Cole smiling her way through the course along with Torty Howard. Big Hitters Papa Cuzzupe and Johnny Meagher were leading from the swim and put in a great performance. Pete Lockyer, Jean Guney, Peter Green, Tracey Curran, Andrew Mellett, Katie Dick and Louise Reside were also out their giving it everything. When brutal conditions are thrown into the mix just getting the job done is the main goal and times become irrelevant. Once again massive congrats to all those who raced and a big thanks to the great Tribal Supporters.

Casey Munro          4:15    00:25:11    02:24:42    01:22:24
Andrew Mellett      5:45    00:33:20    03:08:20    01:56:45
Jean Guney             5:47    00:36:22    03:00:02    02:04:24
Anthony Cuzzupe  4:53    00:27:32    02:40:56    01:38:42
Peter Lockyer         5:14    00:33:15    02:55:07    01:46:26
John Meagher        5:37    00:30:43    03:05:25    01:55:31
Ashleigh Cole         6:18    00:42:53    03:32:24    01:56:44
Katie Dick                6:07   00:40:55    03:09:38    02:08:57
Louise Reside         6:32   00:46:44    03:17:14    02:21:46
Tracey Curran         5:45   00:42:29    02:56:28    01:59:33

Tribal Peak Performance Camp


Stay Tuned its coming.

A NEW TRIBAL TRAINING CAMP DESTINATION –  Tribal Peak Performance Camp at another fantastic destination. The timing of the camp will be around the start of September. A little teaser – Coaches and athletes attending the camp – Chris McCormack, Belinda Granger, Jurgen Zach, Torrenzo Bozzone, Caroline Steffen just to name a few…
We will be looking for expressions of interest shortly.

Get excited people…

Race 2 Gatorade Tri Series St Kilda


Tribal Performance Coaching
Watch out for the emerging Tribal New Breed – They love to train hard, race hard, coffee hard and party hard. With Lachie Kerin at 19 and Michael Dye at 56 years leading the way as well as Liv, Trev, Camma, Ashleigh, Louis, Jarrod, Carl, Adam, Stevie, Ty Davis, Isabelle Dye, Sonya and the rest doing a magnificent job. Its actually no surprise at the great performances these guys have been training the house down.
A HUGE thanks to all the Tribal supporters who yelled and cheered on the weekend.
A BIG SHOUT OUT to the Tribal Crew who raced on the weekend at Race 2 Gatorade Tri Series at St Kilda and the crew that raced at Lorne Pier 2 Pub, Sorrento Swim and The Two Bays Trail Run 28km.
Awesome results from the New Breed of Tribal athletes at St Kilda as Tribal dominated with 10 podium finishes, plenty of personal best times and great performances with approx 25 people racing, fast swim times and a 3rd at Lorne to Col and tough running at Two Bays from Nic Marie, Hugh Peck, Andrew Calyvopoulos and Paul Barclay. thats pretty impressive a Huge Congrats to all those that raced on the weekend and for the Tribal Performance Coaching Team.
Also last weekend was the Road National Cycling Championships at Ballarat and Buninyong. A MASSIVE CONGRATS to Tribals Performance Cycling Coach Stewie McKenzies with his team of female cyclists – a massive congrats to Jo Hogan and Sam De Ritter.

Lorne Pier to Pub 1.2k swim results 2014
Col Davis                   11.36.         3rd AG
Camille Hudson.        12.51.         21st AG
Chris Reed.                13.21.        64th AG
Dan Weekes.             14.40.         58th AG
Sarah Galbraith.         17.57.        168th AG

Olympic Distance
Lachie Kerin             5th Open Male 2:00:00
Louis Raymond       10th 20-24  2:10:00
Jamie Rhodes           2nd 25-29  2.04.16.
Steve Menzies          5th 25-29 2:05:00
Jarrod Page               2nd 30-34 2:03:00
Josh Davies               32nd 30-34 2:16:00
Andrew Mellett         55th 30-34 2:22:00
Carl Fannon              2nd 35-39 2:00:00
Anthony Schiavello 15th 40-44 2:12:00
Darren Halliday        17th 40-44 2:13:00
Lee Michaels            19th 40-44 2:14:00
David Nanfra            64th 40-44 2:30:00
Colin Davis               3rd 50-54 2:05:00
Alan Carnaby           3rd First Timers 2:20:00

Camille Hudson       6th Elite Female  2:17:00
Aislinn Prendergast 1st 20-24 2:20:00
Olivia Garlepp          3rd 20-24 2:32:00
Ashleigh Cole           20th 25-29 2:34:00
Tracey Curran           3rd 35-39 2:24:00
Ana White                 22nd 35-39 2:51:00
Annie Martin            1st 45-49 2:24:00
Michelle O”Toole      5th 25-29 2:35:00

Sprint Distance
Trevor Cotsworth    1st 20-24 1:16:00
Rachel Stonestreet 10th 35-39 1:34:00
Adam Dew              10th 45-49 1:31:00
Michael Dye            1st 55-59 1:24:00

Nic Marie    2:12
Hugh Peck  2:13
Andrew Calyvopoulos 2:36

Race 1 Gatorade Tri Series Elwood


Last weekend at Race 1 of The Gatorade Series at Elwood saw the Tribal Crew getting the job done. In some pretty crap conditions the Tribal Crew excelled with 6 Podiums and plenty of Personal Best times and great performances. Congrats to the hardy crew who toughed it out. World Champion Carl Fannon missed this race due to a week of the flu and sick family.
Great racing all round with Annie Martin and Aislinn Prendergast winning their AG. Annie Martin fresh from her Ironman race in Hawaii shows she still has the short course goods every year in fact!! Aislinn also back from a big year of study has a great race and would have pushed the Elite females with that performance.
Lachie Kerin, Steve Menzies and Colin Davis placing 2nd in their AG. Lachie having raced Shepp 70.3 the week before put in a great performance leading the swim and the bike only to be pipped in the 500m on the run. Steve Menzies showed last years podiums were well deserved – look out when Steve gets back to some consistent running. Colin Davis is always up there in his AG after swimming and riding from the front evergreen Tim Bently got him in the last 500m.
Camille Hudson had a great swim and ride to be chasing the top 2 girls ended up smashing the run leg and couldn’t quite bridge the gap placing 3rd in the Elite Female.
Terrific racing by Adam Dew who is still nursing the hammy.
Louis Raymond got off to a great start it was fast and furious even in the wet conditions as young gun Louis Raymond was taken out by a competitor on the first turn around corner on the bike course. Louis managed to race into the top 10 in his age group with a great ride and top 3 in his AG run.
Stevie Dornik raced well looking for a bit of speed in the ironman legs.
Craig Foster back in the pool and the run also found some speed on the weekend.
Torty Howard, Sally and Andrew were looking for some race practice before her big race at Canberra 70.3.
Olivia Garlepp is Mzz Consistency with great training week in week out showed her development is coming along nicely.
Tina De Young is always out there having a go whilst working and looking after two kids and hubby Simon. Also Father-in-law Phil De Young in the over 65 placed in the top 10.

Aislinn Prendergast 1st Female 20-24 AG
Annie Martin 1st Female 40-44 AG
Lachie Kerin 2nd Male Open
Stephen Mezies 2nd Male 25-29 AG
Colin Davis 2nd Male 50-54
Camille Hudson 3rd Female Elite
Olivia Garlepp 6th Female 20-24 AG
Louis Raymond 8th Male 20-24 AG
Steve Dornik 13th Male 30-34 AG
Adam Dew 29th Male 40-44 AG
Crag Foster 31st Male 30-34 AG
Torty Howard 40th Female 30-34 AG