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Latest Results


30.8km Grape Run

Nic Marie 2.03hr 3rd overall / 2nd AG 30-39
Andrew Calyvopoulos 2.15hrs 11th AG 30-39
Shane Campbell 2.21hr
Cris 2.28
Paul Walker 2.35hr
Tom Ibbott 2.56hr
Sarah Williams 2.56hr

Sunshine Coast 70.3

Casey Munro 3.50hr 3rd Pro Male
Lachie Kerin 4.10hr 17th Pro Male / 22nd Overall
Elly Franks 4.38hr  4th Pro Female / 10th Overall
Time Guille 4.50hr 48th AG 35-39

Triathlon World Championships Sprint Distance

WORLD CHAMPION – Carl Fannon 1.06 1st 35-39 AG / 21st Male Overall

Triathlon World Championships Olympic Distance

Jarrod Page 1:53:20 20th 30-34 AG
Dan Weekes 2:06:10 101st 40-44 AG

VCCL Presidents Handicap

Andrew Lane 5th
Elliot Wise 14th
Colin Davis 22nd …

Shepparton 70.3 Race Wrap Up


November 19th, 2012

With a large crew racing at Shepp 70.3 its always a great day. Congrats to the 25+ people who raced and supporters who ventured up to Shepparton. Most of the performances yesterday exceeded expectations which is awesome with personal best times and podiums. Tribal Performance Coaching is working a treat…

A big Congrats to Sarah Brown, Lizzie Tosh and Steph Brown for achieving podiums and podium times. Also many people finishing in the top 10 in their age groups, first timers, old timers and new members to Tribal smashing up the course. A terrific effort by everyone that raced.

Each year we have an awesome crew racing the long course races – Shepparton is one of the best organised races going around. It is also one of the biggest long course races in Victoria. We would like to keep the tradition of great numbers participating and amazing performances from you. We hope that you guys that raced this year will continue next year and others will step up to the 70.3 Long Course racing.

There are rumours of moving the race to lake in the main street of Shepparton so look out clear water to swim in… Another rumour stay tuned for a 70.3 near Noosa? Keep a close eye out for 2013 Shepparton 70.3 entries – this will sell out in no time.

It was great to see Kiwi Terenzo Bozzone and Bec Keat winning. It was just as impressive seeing Shorto go round again storming home on the run. Mitch Kibby was lucky enough to spend time training with Torenzo in LA. Torenzo is welcome to training with rest of the Tribal Kiwi family.

See results below:

Jason Shortis —- 04:09:42 12th
Anthony Cuzzupe —- 04:29:30 8th
Anthony Schiavello —- 04:45:24 17th
Sarah Brown —- 04:47:00 1st
Robert Eppinger —- 04:50:24
Steve Dornik —- 04:52:11 30th
James Bruce —- 04:54:37 31st
Beate Born —- 04:55:32 5th
Daniel McNamara —- 04:56:26 28th
Paul Zientek —- 05:08:15 27th
Justin McNamara —- 05:08:45 64th
Rick Osler —- 05:09:50 60th
Chris Reed —- 05:12:38 44th
Juliet Forsyth —- 05:15:32 4th
Steph Brown —- 05:24:45 1st (Annie Martin Stable)
Nathan Tieppo —- 05:26:48 59th
Liz Tosh —- 05:30:28 2nd
Cam Pegg —- 05:31:20 103rd
Dan McIndoe —- 05:32:27 104th
John D’Apice —- 05:34:52 110th
Louise Reside —- 05:40:20 112th
Julie Orgill —- 05:54:12 4th (Annie Martin Stable)
Elly Franks DNF
Team Femi / Longy / Tracey

Col and myself are extremely proud of the performance each week whether it’s running swimming or triathlon. We look forward to next week – Race 1 of The Gatorade Tri Series at St Kilda. Also next weekend is the 30/50 Team Challenge – All the best to David Nanfra and his team… get online and check it out:

Keep up the awesome training and racing performances.

Port Macquarie 70.3


Big Congrats – Great racing by the TriBal Crew on the weekend at Port Macquarie 70.3

Jo Rutherford wins her AG in a sprint finish
Shorto is still racing strong
Casey Munro is getting better with each race
Jamie Romanin is back
Steve Dornik is here
Andre does another PB in a heavy race plan to Busso IM
Will Paul gets the job done on his first 70.3

See results below:

Jason Shortis 8th Pro Male 4:11:00
Casey Munro 9th Pro Male 4:14:00
Jo Rutherford 1st 35-39 AG 4:58:00
Jamie Romanin 28th 35-39 AG 4:51:00
Steve Dornik 58th 30-34 AG 4:56:00
Andre Boyko 56th 25-29 AG 5:05:00
Will Paul 75th 35-39 AG 5:11:00

Hazelwood Pondage Triathlon


A Big Congrats to the TriBal Team (25+) who braved the conditions at Hazelwood Pondage on Sunday morning. In cold, wet, muddy conditions the TriBal crew managed 8 podiums and everyone else placing in the top 10 in their age groups in a very competitive field all round. Gabe Kopke pops up for a fast 2nd, whilst big first timer Grant (Good Times) Austin cranks out a solid 10th and Camille Hudson in her first full race for a long time placed 3rd.

The TriBal Worlds Team were on fire in the Olympic Distance with Megan Roper 1st female overall, Lachie Kerin placing 3rd, Michelle O’Toole 3rd, Gbomb and Laney 6th and 7th. In the Sprint Distance Colin Davis and Sarah Brown were also smashing their age group fields with a 1st and 3rd.

Megsy and Col

Hawaii Ironman World Championship 2012


Its also really hotting up with the TriBal Kona Crew on the big Island. The last week in Kona is a mad house, the hype is intense. If you’re into all that as a long course triathlete it doesn’t get any better. You can also be away from the hype and soak up the Hawaii heat and beauty. The TriBal Crew have been going through their taper with ease. Even Brian has been enjoying himself when Jacs hasn’t been annoying him. Dimity arrives today from a few days in Waikiki and Hugh arrives Wednesday.

Katie Barnes fires up for a 5km fun run in Kona and BOOM! smashes a 3rd overall. Way to go Katie from the TriBal Wolf Pack.

New Zealand World Champs Team


It was hotting up last weekend with the TriBal New Zealand World Champs Team going through their paces – twice through the hilly 20km killer circuit and 4km run at Two Bays. A great challenging circuit tougher than the NZ course… Great effort by the crew of Megan Roper, Sarah Brown, Lachie Kerin, Paul Long, Andrew Lane, Camille Hudson, Will Paul and Kate Braybrook. The crew heading back to Mordi after a solid hit.

New Zealand World Champs Team

New Zealand World Champs Team