Race 2 Gatorade Tri Series St Kilda


Tribal Performance Coaching
Watch out for the emerging Tribal New Breed – They love to train hard, race hard, coffee hard and party hard. With Lachie Kerin at 19 and Michael Dye at 56 years leading the way as well as Liv, Trev, Camma, Ashleigh, Louis, Jarrod, Carl, Adam, Stevie, Ty Davis, Isabelle Dye, Sonya and the rest doing a magnificent job. Its actually no surprise at the great performances these guys have been training the house down.
A HUGE thanks to all the Tribal supporters who yelled and cheered on the weekend.
A BIG SHOUT OUT to the Tribal Crew who raced on the weekend at Race 2 Gatorade Tri Series at St Kilda and the crew that raced at Lorne Pier 2 Pub, Sorrento Swim and The Two Bays Trail Run 28km.
Awesome results from the New Breed of Tribal athletes at St Kilda as Tribal dominated with 10 podium finishes, plenty of personal best times and great performances with approx 25 people racing, fast swim times and a 3rd at Lorne to Col and tough running at Two Bays from Nic Marie, Hugh Peck, Andrew Calyvopoulos and Paul Barclay. thats pretty impressive a Huge Congrats to all those that raced on the weekend and for the Tribal Performance Coaching Team.
Also last weekend was the Road National Cycling Championships at Ballarat and Buninyong. A MASSIVE CONGRATS to Tribals Performance Cycling Coach Stewie McKenzies with his team of female cyclists – a massive congrats to Jo Hogan and Sam De Ritter.

Lorne Pier to Pub 1.2k swim results 2014
Col Davis                   11.36.         3rd AG
Camille Hudson.        12.51.         21st AG
Chris Reed.                13.21.        64th AG
Dan Weekes.             14.40.         58th AG
Sarah Galbraith.         17.57.        168th AG

Olympic Distance
Lachie Kerin             5th Open Male 2:00:00
Louis Raymond       10th 20-24  2:10:00
Jamie Rhodes           2nd 25-29  2.04.16.
Steve Menzies          5th 25-29 2:05:00
Jarrod Page               2nd 30-34 2:03:00
Josh Davies               32nd 30-34 2:16:00
Andrew Mellett         55th 30-34 2:22:00
Carl Fannon              2nd 35-39 2:00:00
Anthony Schiavello 15th 40-44 2:12:00
Darren Halliday        17th 40-44 2:13:00
Lee Michaels            19th 40-44 2:14:00
David Nanfra            64th 40-44 2:30:00
Colin Davis               3rd 50-54 2:05:00
Alan Carnaby           3rd First Timers 2:20:00

Camille Hudson       6th Elite Female  2:17:00
Aislinn Prendergast 1st 20-24 2:20:00
Olivia Garlepp          3rd 20-24 2:32:00
Ashleigh Cole           20th 25-29 2:34:00
Tracey Curran           3rd 35-39 2:24:00
Ana White                 22nd 35-39 2:51:00
Annie Martin            1st 45-49 2:24:00
Michelle O”Toole      5th 25-29 2:35:00

Sprint Distance
Trevor Cotsworth    1st 20-24 1:16:00
Rachel Stonestreet 10th 35-39 1:34:00
Adam Dew              10th 45-49 1:31:00
Michael Dye            1st 55-59 1:24:00

Nic Marie    2:12
Hugh Peck  2:13
Andrew Calyvopoulos 2:36