Andy and the crew at TriBal welcomed me and my family at a time when I needed an individualised program, a confidence boost and truly personalised approach. I spoke to three well known Triathlon coaches and Andy and the team at TriBal were family friendly, accommodating to the commitments that having a family and working full time involved. Andy was the friendliest and most understanding, he built me a program that enabled me to achieve the goal of completing my first full Ironman. Andy took me through the whole program personally met with me regularly, speaking every day in the final few weeks in the lead up to the event. Since completing my goal I have been encouraged by the gang at TriBal to continue in the pursuit of further achievements. Including more Ironman events and longer distance run events. Andy often reminds me often about the importance of balance in life including training consistently in all three disciplines and spending time with my partner and children and writes flexible programs to meet this balance and includes my work commitments. Joining in squad training sessions, you feel an enthusiasm and support that is encouraging and accepting. My swim skills have improved, my confidence on the bike is far greater and my legs on the run are faster and fresher due to the program that Andy has built for me. The overtraining I received in a previous squad led to injuries. This program has balance and flexibility that has allowed my body to have fewer if any niggles in my training. My partner Brendan and 13 year old Monty son join in some of these squad sessions and they get a great work out and look forward to going each week. The coaches are great role models for my son and Monty often asks if Col is taking a session and the boost in self-esteem he receives by attending the squad sessions makes him want to go to more and more. He feels like part of the family at TriBal. Andy’s regular communication via phone, email and personalised meetings provides the opportunity to discuss the various events, and includes race strategies and the right fuelling during the events; his program truly is individual and not generalised like many of the other squads. Come join TriBal we would love to see you there.
Juliet Cooper (Coops)Assistant PrincipalPort Phillip Specialist School

Over my three years at TriBal I have been able to progress through from a complete novice to the sport of triathlon into an athlete chasing a professional license. This can be attributed to the knowledge and support of the amazing coaching staff at TriBal and the environment which they create day in, day out. TriBal caters for athletes of all abilities and skill levels but what makes it most special is that everyone leaves their ego at the door. The environment at TriBal is the most friendly that I have seen at any sporting club by far. Everyone is treated with the upmost respect and many laughs are had at every training session! I simply enjoy coming to every TriBal session knowing full well that I am going to get some great training done whilst still being able to chat with a variety of different people, all of whom I know I can share a few laughs with, including the coaches! Through TriBal not only has my triathlon “career” risen to heights that I could never have imagined but my overall well-being and happiness has also improved greatly. I could not have asked to come across a better club in my quest to become a triathlete three years ago. I have made lifelong friends and have had some of the best times of my life through TriBal on look forward to even more in the near future!

Andy Sleeman, an honourable, dedicated and highly respected coach in the triathlon community, takes his athletes to a level that they didn’t think possible. When we first met I was in training for the ITU World Championships in New Zealand and within two months, his personalised training program and challenging swim/bike/run sessions placed me in the top ten in my age group. He has been a huge asset to my success as a triathlete, and most recently, in Ironman Melbourne. Andy’s continuous support, positive encouragement, professional advice and knowledge of triathlon qualify him to be one of the best coaches I have had the privilege of working with. He always knows what is best for his athletes and provides programs which can be easily adapted to suit a busy life and work schedule. The TriBal Club environment that he has created is fun, social and flocks athletes from all fields and a range of abilities. No matter what you are looking for- Coach Andy and being a part of TRIBAL will change your life- and prove that “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”